Currently Luca teaches on a short course at University of the Arts London - Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, based in London, UK. This course is themed around trend forecasting from an interdisciplinary perspective and are run in collaboration with Giorgio DeMarco and Taira Marie Colah, both of whom are strategic designers currently working in the field.



Trends affect the world around us, they can be emotional, physical and psychological. The kaleidoscopic diversity of today's intellectual, social, cultural, aesthetic and consumer dynamics can all be traced on a trajectory that connects the present to the future. A new product, a new behaviour, a new piece of art of today - they can all represent the seeds of trends of tomorrow. This course will open your eyes to the vast array of cultures around you; guiding you to understand what trends are, where to look for them, how to read them, and when you find them - how to apply them.

Equipped with your trend forecasting toolkit, intuition and observational analysis skills, and with London as your playground; you will scour the city for triggers and indicators about the future. By studying behaviours, exploring the streets, visiting cultural hubs and exhibitions, you will extract insights that will help you develop trends and scenarios to base your predictions on. 

Through a blend of lectures and dynamic workshops, you will be introduced to different approaches such as intuitive and network forecasting, cultural triangulation and scenario planning; and will learn how to best express these to your peers through visual and written means. You will learn about trend driven innovation and come away with a holistic understanding of  how trends work and how they affect the strategy behind the innovation of products, services and businesses and the ability to identify 'the next big thing'. 

The course accumulates with you communicating your found trend and applying it to the creation of a new product, service or business model within your chosen field.