Luca is currently developing the retail environment and identity for the University of the Arts London's 'Arts Shops' and Food offers alongside the departments management team. This includes creating flexible social/work spaces across the university and halls of residences.


Luca has experience from a broad range of projects in the fields of three dimensional design, applied arts, and fashion, and he comes from many years of business management, where he has co-developed brand DNA and concepts. To date he holds a BA(hons) from London College of Fashion in the field of Buying and Merchandising and a MA from Chelsea College of Art in Spatial Design.


In recent years, together with Giorgio DeMarco and Taira Marie Colah, he has begun devising a Cross Discipline Trend Forecasting Program for Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design's short courses. This focuses on a theoretical toolkit to understand a societal trend, how it impacts on different industries and culture; and then how to apply that knowledge to strategic design with use of scenario planning.